Q. Who are BORN2ACT?

A. BORN2ACT is an organized marketplace connecting TALENT - AUDITION - OPPORTUNITIES in the Entertainment Industry. The main purpose of the company is to provide a platform to the global aspiring talent seeking legitimate Audition against an opportunity be it in Acting, Singing, Dancing & Modelling. There will be more opportunities for other technical roles that will be added as we move in our journey to serve more talent.

Q. Why register on the website and what's involved?

A. Everyone that is interested in either being visible or looking to be discovered as a TALENT should register on the entertainment portal. Terms & Conditions apply where necessary.

Q. Is my information confidential?

A. Yes, your information is confidential with us. Only our internal team has access to our talent database. Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy applies.

Q. What do i bring for my audiition with me?

A. For each TALENT and each OPPORTUNITY, what you need to bring with you is going to be different. So when your AUDITION is confirmed you will have all the necessary information on what's required?

Q. How do i audition if i am abroad and/or if there is no office of BORN2ACT where i am?

A. NOTHING TO WORRY..! AS a TALENT you have 2 Options for AUDITIONS: ONLINE & FACE2FACE. If for any reason you are unable to physically travel for FACE2FACE AUDITION then you can upload VIDEO AUDITION based on the project script available to you.

Q. What is ONLINE audition?

A. If you are unable to visit audition location and still wish to appear for the audition, you can choose to book video audition. Once you get access to the Scene & Script you then prepare and rehearse the scene.

If you are happy and confident on your performance just record it and upload it against the Role. Ticket2Audition team guarantees you a feedback and if short-listed you will reached by the Casting Director and/ or his team.

Q. What is FACE2FACE audition?

A. Reach the audition location where the Casting Director and/ or his team will ask you to deliver a sample performance as an actor, singer, musician, dancer or any other talent as listed under the project.
You will be expected to display your talent through a previously rehearsed work piece or by performing the work piece handed to you at the audition location.

Q. How do i contact BORN2ACT?

A. You can email us at support@ticket2audition.com.

Questions ?

Have any Question or Feedback? We'd like to here from you. Email Us at support@ticket2audition.com.

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Select your preference and we will alert
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