What you Get when you BOOK Audition at Ticket2Audition

1. Real Projects (वास्तविक परियोजनाएं): We have only real projects, which means you can completely rely on us that you are not appearing for any fake Audition.

2. Genuine Casting Director (वास्तविक कास्टिंग निदेशक): We do rigorous screening and reference check of the Casting Director before they are on-boarded on Ticket2Audtion platform

3. Project Details (परियोजना विवरण): You get to know the necessary details of the role matching to your interest and talent before you chose to book an appointment with the relevant Casting Director.

4. Role Requirements (भूमिका विवरण): Every role offered is different. You get to know the basic details of what the Director/Script writer are looking in New talent for the role being offered.

5. Scene (प्रदर्शन-भूमि): You get to know the details of the scene on which you will be asked to perform using the test script.

6. Test Audition Script (टेस्ट ऑडिशन स्क्रिप्ट): You get access to the Test Script so that you could prepare in advance and be confident when you present yourself in the audition.

7. Audition Preparation Tips (ऑडिशन तैयारी सुझाव): You get access to Audition tips from various industry experts and Renowned Actors.

8. Confirm Date & time for Audition (ऑडिशन के लिए सही तिथि और समय): You get confirm Date & Time for the Audition; walk in directly to the Audition Location in complete peace without wondering when, where and how the audition is to be done.

9. Feedback to Improve (सुधार करने के लिए सुझाव): Every time you appear for the Audition with any of the Casting Directors, you will be given detailed feedback about your performance which helps you to improve for next audition.

10. Audition at Audition Location (ऑडिशन स्थान पर ऑडिशन): In case you have chosen to go to the Audition location and want to perform; you need to travel on your own to the Audition location as per the mentioned date and time.[1]

11. Interaction with Casting Director (कास्टिंग निदेशक के साथ बातचीत): You can interact with Casting Director Face 2 Face, understand the Scene & Script which will help you to perform better in Audition.

12. Multiple Audition Chances (एकाधिक ऑडिशन संभावनाएं): You might get chance to perform multiple times if Casting Director feels that you are close to the character they are looking for.[1]

13. Audition at your Comfortable Location (आपके आरामदायक स्थान पर ऑडिशन): In case you are far away from the audition location, but you match the requirements and still wish to appear for the Audition; you can prepare and video record the audition test script of yours and upload the same for Casting Directors to review. If they find your recording good, they might call you In-Person at the venue for the face 2 face audition.[2]

14. Get Audition Recording (अपने ऑडिशन रिकॉर्डिंग प्राप्त करें)*: You get access to your audition recording, which helps you to see where you need to work more for next audition.[1]



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Select your preference and we will alert
you as new auditions come up.